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InnovationSpotter reports on recent innovations in environmental and housing technology, benchmarking them for customer value and user experience. The innovations are grouped by themes. Interested in their development status? Check out our Innovation Curve Graph. Information will be updated 24/7.

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InnovationSpotter keeps track of innovations across the globe, in:

  • the primary process of living and work
  • environmental and housing products and services


Our website was designed for:

  • companies aiming to showcase their latest environmental and housing products and services to the world
  • companies searching for new products and services with a view to potential application or improvement


How the information works:

  • link to image of product or service
  • link to intellectual owner of service or product
  • description of the advantages of the innovation from the perspective of end users
  • assessment of the economic life of the innovation
  • estimate of payback period of the investment in years, including operational cost
  • state of the art of product or service (germination, hype, ready for market release, etc.)
  • free download of data sheets (pdf) for subscribers in exchange for name, mobile number and email address
  • information on any product or service can be filtered by selecting seat of company, topic, economic sector, potential application, etc.


The information on InnovationSpotter is available to:

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